Stinging Insects


There are a variety of stinging insects in the US.  In the Omaha are, the ones of most concern are paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.

Paper wasps measure ¾ to 1 inch in length and are typically brown in color with yellow markings on their bodies.  They get their name from the honey comb, “paper like” nest they create which are typically found below eaves.

Yellow jackets measure approximately ¾ inch in length and are black with yellow markings on their bodies.

Hornets measure ¾ to 1/12 inch in length and can be found living in trees, bushes and retaining walls.

Are They Dangerous?

Several stinging insects are aggressive and deliver painful stings which may cause severe reactions and in some cases, death.

How Do You Get Rid of Stinging Insects?

We Pratt Pest control, Our Omaha, NA based technicians identify and treat the stinging insects inside and outside of the dwelling. We use the latest EPA approved pesticides in our treatment programs.

Please contact Pratt Pest Control for a free inspection and estimate, 402-691-2920.

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