Mites are very common throughout the US.  They are very small arthropods belonging to the class Arachnida. Most mites are visible to the human eye but some are microscopic in size.  Outdoors favor organic matter and moist conditions.  Inside of the home they can feed on animals, plants and mold.  The most common mites people experience in their homes are scabies, bird mites and dust mites.

Are Mites Dangerous?

Mites are a pest that may cause discomfort to some as they can bite and cause allergic reactions.

How Do You Get Rid of Mites?

A mite’s life cycle includes the egg, lava, nymph and adult stages.  Due to this progression, they can be hard to control and may require multiple treatments. Our Omaha based technicians identify and treat the issue inside and outside of the dwelling.  We use the latest EPA approved pesticides in our treatment programs.

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